Pirate Gifts and Collectibles – Hot in 2011

Pirates and hidden treasures have long captured the imagination of movie-going audiences around the world, first with dashing, swash-buckling Errol Flynn of an earlier Hollywood era, and now Johnny Depp, sailing the seven seas looking for treasures and world gifts buried beneath the ocean in Pirates of the Caribbean. Music also took on the buccaneer theme and romanced it in the operetta “The Pirates of Penzance,” which had its revival in 1980 and starred pop singer Linda Ronstadt.

While Errol Flynn and Johnny Depp were not seeking great gifts and collectibles for their home decor as they plundered and thundered, you can portray some of the pirate drama by adding your own treasures to your perfect pirate home hideout.

Calico Jack Rackham created the Jolly Roger in the 1700s with a skull and crossed swords. An English pirate, Calico Jack, sailed the Bahamas when piracy was at its height in the early 1700s, which was known as the “Golden Age of Piracy.” Although there were many versions of the Jolly Roger, today’s most popular design is the white skull and crossbones on a black background. The Jolly Roger, in various forms and combinations of colors such as red, white and black, was designed to frighten potential pirate victims into surrendering without a fight. The message was that the attackers were cruel outlaws and not bound by conventional laws. Although the Jolly Roger is no longer used by modern pirates –yes pirates still exist –some of today’s groups and military units use the black and white Jolly Roger to convey a message of ferocity.

Shiver me timbers, you can be a part-time pirate and fly your personal Jolly Roger flag or shop for other top sellers to decorate your home in a pirate or buccaneer theme. The Gift Goose collects pirates and skulls and you can too.

Select great gifts, world gifts, and top sellers in pirate, Jolly Roger and skull-themed collectibles. Give pirate treasures and collectibles as birthday gifts, holiday gifts or make them your personal statement at home or in your personal accessories. The skull and crossbones are still used today as warnings of toughness or danger and have additional meanings such as warnings of poison. You can express your strength with your own Jolly Roger flag or candle holder, and display them as an addition to your home decor. A buccaneer trinket box or cell phone holder will reinforce the pirate collectibles theme and when you carry a pirate skull key chain or use a pirate skull magnet or bottle opener, you reinforce your personal message through these world gifts from the sea.

“Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.” Drink your favorite libation from, a skull tankard and startle your friends, then advance your pirate theme with world gifts and collectibles such as a tango rose fantasy skull figurine on your coffee table or desk. You may not be Johnny Depp or Errol Flynn, but Ships Ahoy, you’re tough buccaneer of your own kind.

You Won’t Break the Bank With These Affordable Gifts and Collectibles, Moonstone Necklaces

Where has the year gone? It seems like just yesterday you were sipping frosty drinks poolside. Now the gift-giving season will be here before you know it. And that’s when the panic develops.

How are you going to afford all of those gifts? It seems like everybody and their dog is on your list this year and you don’t have the slightest clue where to start or how to set a budget.

Don’t worry! You can buy all of your gifts and still have enough for a trip to the spa. You can find affordable gifts and collectibles for everyone this year. You just need to know where to look.

Moonstone Jewelry is the answer to all of your gift-gifting woes. Moonstone jewelry can be affordable gifts and collectibles for males and females, young and old.

What is Moonstone?

Moonstone, named for similarity to the moon’s color, is a semi-translucent stone with a colorful sheen, usually blue or white in color that reflects light.

It’s considered a good-luck charm and is known to bring peace, harmony and passion to those who wear it, especially women and babies. Ancient Romans were known to wear moonstone jewelry as far back as 100 AD. The people of India also consider it to be sacred.

Moonstones are found throughout the world. Brazil, India, Mexico and the U.S. states of Pennsylvania and Virginia all boast various types of moonstones. The best quality moonstones come from Sri Lanka.

What are the Different Types of Moonstone Jewelry?

Moonstone Jewelry can easily be given as affordable gifts and collectables. In fact, moonstone is the proper stone to give for the thirteenth wedding anniversary.

Moonstone jewelry comes in a wide variety of styles: from rings to earrings to pendants and moonstone necklaces. There is sure to be one that fits your recipient’s style.

Moonstone necklaces are one of the most eye-catching pieces of jewelry. The sheen of the different colored stones is attractive and can fit with many different pieces in a person’s wardrobe.

The moonstones can be cut to different styles for a moonstone necklace and will match with any kind of metal chain, like sterling silver, gold or platinum. Moonstone rings are good for males who don’t otherwise wear necklaces or earrings.

Gift Giving the Right Way

It’s easy to see that moonstone jewelry is a good choice for every person on your list this year. They will keep thanking you for years to come!

Gifts and Collectibles Online: Choose Wisely and Shop Safely

Gifts and collectibles available from online stores are always good choices when you need to give gifts. These novelty items are suited for any season and all occasions. There is a variety of items to choose from like jewelries, home decor, kitchen appliance and a lot more. Plus, they are at such an easy access to everyone since many websites on the internet are offering this type of merchandise. Two of the most important things to consider, however, when purchasing gifts online are: (1) how to choose the best gift that will be of use or enjoyed by your receiver and (2) how to be sure if you are doing safe and trusted money transactions on the internet.

On Choosing the Best Suited Gift

If you personally know the recipient, then there is not so much of a problem in this area. You are familiar with his or her lifestyle and hobbies. You’d know if he would appreciate to get a clown figurine holding a golf club, or if she would treasure a fine crafted crucifix because she is a devoted Catholic. In the same way, you will not be getting a flower-pot to somebody who is not really fond of planting, gardening or in even keeping and caring for a small plant.

Sometimes your gift recipient is not really a personal friend but for some reason, there is a need to be appropriate when giving a gift. If you can find some connections then you might be able to do a bit of a-research-on that person’s like and dislikes so you can choose the most appropriate item. If, however, knowing any specific detail on the individual’s personality is such an impossible task, then go for the safe ones. Go for useful items like kitchen stuffs. Surely that person has a home, therefore, kitchen decorations or a set of drinking glass or pot holders will definitely be of use. There are also other items like nicely decorated wall clocks or wine holders. There could be limitless choices.

Warning for Online Shopping

There is always a risk when shopping on a virtual store online. There is the question in trustworthiness when it comes to money transactions and in the quality of products they deliver. Overall, there is always an imposed doubt on the quality of service.

If the website has indicated the owner’s full address and telephone number then this is a sign of enterprise to be trusted. A serious business person won’t have any inhibitions in putting information on their own website. If you have time, it is best to call them and check for yourself. This way you will also know the legitimacy of that information.

Look for e-Commerce trust signs or marks, example of this are VeriSign and McAfee Secure. Once you see these types of logos on an online store you can be assured that the owner is seriously protecting your credit card and other personal information. For websites that are using PayPal, they may no longer need these types of website protection since PayPal is already doing it in their own system. They are probably the most trusted company when it comes to online money transactions.

Go through the terms and conditions and understand carefully. Specifically check the return and refund policy. Know your lawful rights as an online customer. Under the law, a company should deliver or ship the goods within the timeframe stated on their website. If there is no specific timeframe indicated, your goods must be shipped within 30 days. If there would be delays, you should have an option on either to change the delivery date or cancel and refund.

Gifts and collectibles on e-Commerce have certainly added some sort of simplicity in gift shopping. But with added comfort comes some added risk. But then again, should you find an online store you can trust, then that would be a big help for you to know that you have a virtual partner in making gift giving so much easier.